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Rap Battles
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in Rap Battles' LiveJournal:

Friday, May 13th, 2005
11:41 pm
Alright, all. If you roll back to the first post and take them in pairs, that represents each round. That is, the first two entries are the first round, second two are second round, and so on to the third. It's recommended that you read them in that order. The polls will be open until this upcoming Monday at midnight. In order to vote, drop a reply on this post, not the others. If you want to provide a reason for voting the way you did, that's cool, but not required. Say all you want in the post, but be sure to begin it with a simple statement easy to tally, such as "I vote for X" where X is MC Cor' or MC Jimmy. Note that you need to join the community (there's a link on the info page) in order to comment. Now let the voice of democracy ring.
11:34 pm
Wylin' out on the floor with some retro hair.
Funking out, rockin' moves with an artsy flare.
When all's said and done and it comes to bare,
Jimmy's rhymes are off, neither here nor there.

Cor's too gangsta to listen to emo.
Ready to dance, just say the word go.
Moves way too funky to do with rock,
pumping out rhymes while on the clock.

Spinning and pointing to the sickest beat,
knocked you back two decades, not to last week.
It's never safe, can't say when I'll freak.
Stay off this stage, you're all too weak.
11:35 pm
Think you got style?
Think you got flair?
Well it would take a while
to get this hair.

MC Cory try to holla back
but it's all an act
emo this, and emo that
too busy being emo for a disco hat

I stand a step higher than the rest of the gang
thanks to my platform shoes
I hope you really like this beat that I just sang
and I'm gonna roll with my crews...

Current Mood: accomplished
11:33 pm
all the people in the house wanna call my name?
I'm MC Jimmy no one raps the same
as me the one and only
Disco wrapper
I'm not some crazy phony like Hewlett Packard

Got Disco balls
and a strobing light
the lady calls
and I'll dance all night

I've got funk like John Travolta
fast with my feet, like a lightning bolt a'
bout this time you see I'm whack
funk and groove deals out a heart attack.

Current Mood: artistic
11:24 pm

Back in the house, gonna drop some more rhymes.
Spinning on the floor like the break dance of old times.
Jimmy's up in here tryin' to act a fool.
Hope he brought a notebook; he's going back to school.

The disco's the place for your old time kicks
and dropping the beats to pick up chicks.
You can't even comprehend my bag of tricks.

Can't stay sitting, feeling disco style.
Move your feet, drop a beat, funk out for awhile.
Wanna face me? Get in line now, single file.


11:11 pm

Holler back now Stef,
holler back now Max.
Holler from the left,
MC Cor's got your backs.

While all the lame suckas are sippin' on sisquo,
I'm down at the club dishin' out some disco.
Though I'm whiter than a cracker from Nabisco,
I'll spin and point to an 80s mix, yo.
Got the hair goin' nuts with my anglo-fro,
I'm into clubs free, ain't need for no dough.

Groovy lights and checkered shoes.
Any fool facing me can't help but lose.

11:13 pm
Just go
tap those feet
gotta move
with the groove
old time disco beat

You think you 'ave what it takes for funk
but the pretty ladies don't dig yo' junk
takin you to school, call me professor
dancin' so bad you really need a confessor

Current Mood: busy
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